inspired by the outdoors, nature and sustainable Sports and experiences

If you’re worried about environmental sustainability, carbon footprints and our future health and well-being then read on, I may be of interest to you.

about me

I aim to share a new lifestyle concept through my business Be Coorie. One that is mindful, responsible and ethical. I want to build on a physical, social and biological cycle. To help transform our day-to-day activities, to change how we think when we are shopping and by doing this, help reduce our actions that cause harm to our environment. And now with the introduction of campervan rental, you too can experience and enjoy a breakaway in the beautiful scenery of your surroundings or beyond. If there has never been a more prevalent time to explore our own country it is now, however, we must responsibly do this and keep to the national guidelines given.

Be Coorie is my new lifestyle concept. A way of life… a way of living, travelling and shopping. Just maybe I may manage to add or change one aspect of your daily habits. Perhaps by just by doing something to make you feel alive like jumping in a loch/sea or perhaps being more conscious about buying local. You may be tempted with more traditional sustainable experiences or buy your made locally consumable product or buying something old and what is already in circulation.

If just one thing when applied can help solve our problems in today’s world, then it must be worth a try. Right?

My Aim

To share and give people the opportunity to safely travel, have staycations and enjoy the much-needed time away in nature but at the same time being mindful of their actions while out and about. Also, always cleanly and responsibly, leaving no footprints behind…we all know about dirty campers.

To promote and uncover the amazing creative talent we have here in our little country and in turn help to decrease our carbon footprints

To promote our wonderful way of rural life and share my love of the outdoors, sustainable experiences, country sports & to help educate those who have negative associations with it. Whether it be country sports, fishing, hunting or even the hunter-gatherer.

To educate and be mindful of where our meat comes from and that if we are to eat meat then we should try and buy from farms that follow ethical principles, free-range and local produce. Or if one wishes to try, they can hunt, gather and prepare humanely and follow the field to fork process which I have taught and educated my children with giving us protein that is traceable, organic, game-meat, healthy and ethical.

To awaken us of what we buy and throw away Looking at how to reuse repurpose old vintage and antique products in our home.

To only use materials sourced in the UK as much as possible, fair-trade or traceable and ethically made products promoting sustainable living and promoting products made in Scotland.

Photo credit @filmandflyguy